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The AC5 Approach

Our program is focused on instilling confidence in each of the following:

Faith- Have faith and confidence in yourself.

Family- Understand and embrace your role in your family/tribe and in American society.

Firearms- Use and utilize firearms in a safe and effective manner to defend yourself and others; or to engage in any shooting sport at a high level.

Fitness- Utilize your body and mind to its daily potential and understand you are capable of more than you think.

Freedom- Understand, defend, and exercise your rights as an American citizen.

Meet the Instructors

We are Alex Lever, Clayton Stewart and Russ Wittenberg, the founders of AC5, LLC.  We are family and all 3 of us share a passion for traditional American Values. Alex is a former Marine and Law Enforcement Officer.  Clayton is an environmental & emergency response professional. Russ is a logger, farmer, ace handyman and construction professional. Our goal in opening a small business is to share our passion with others to help improve their lives, and to spread the message of love for traditional American values.  We provide premier firearms training and outdoor skill development for everyday Americans.  We hope to see you soon at one of our courses!


Alex Lever

Co-Owner / Lead Instructor

  • Former Recon Marine (2008-2012)

    • Afghanistan (2010-2011)

      • Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal ​(with combat distinguishing device)​​

  • Police Officer (2015-2020) SWAT Team Member (2017-2020)

    • Class President of Law Enforcement Academy (2016)

    • Awarded for outstanding service as a law enforcement officer (2017)

    • 2 Medals of Merit (2017 & 2018)

    • Member of the SWAT Team training Cadre

      • Planned and executed numerous lesson plans based on real world experience

    • Trained/mentored numerous LEO and civilians in fitness, mindset, and firearms

    • Married with one child

Clayton Stewart


  • BA from Western Washington University (History/Ecology)

  • 20 years in industry

    • Habitat restoration and forestry

    • Manufacturing and light industrial

    • Emergency response and planning

    • Multiple awards for innovation and excellence

  • Lifetime hunter, fisherman, recreational shooter, and avid outdoorsman, married with 9 children

  • Well versed in teaching/mentoring children in fundamentals of the outdoors

  • Adversity conqueror

    • Loss of a child

    • 3x survivor of spinal surgery

    • Raising nine children


Russell Wittenberg


  •  Grew up on a farm in Stanwood WA

    • Second oldest of 11 children   

    • Arlington High School/Sno-Isle Welding & Metal Fabrication, 2016

  • Tradesman 5 yrs

    • Construction foreman​

  •  Logger 

    • Washington 

    • Alaska - 3 years

  • Outdoorsman/Adventure

    • Motocross

    • Hunting/fishing

    • Avid recreational shooter

    • Traveler

  • Fitness - Taking care of the only body you have       

  • Proud American

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