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On this page, you will find a discussion of what is important to us as individuals and as a business.  We hope to have this as an ongoing place for open and direct talk about what is important to the American journey.  You'll see guest authors as well as items written by AC5 staff.  We hope you enjoy it and see some value in it from time to time!



April 26, 2021

Harms Way Gun Club...not only is it a really cool name, but it's an awesome shooting venue.  Located northwest of Spokane, it's a fantastic place to train.  We feel extremely fortunate to partner with HWGC to provide a premier spot to train shooters of all levels, from youth to seasoned vets!  The mentality at HWGC aligns perfectly with our 5F values and makes it a partnership we are proud of.  We recently ran our first intermediate level course there.  The flexibility that Harms Way allows us makes it possible to introduce new concepts unavailable to standard public ranges.  We can move and shoot, draw and fire, use barricades & other cover/concealment to further refine your ability to defend your home and loved ones.  We are really excited about the possibilities at Harms Way.  Not only that, but the owner is a solid American and a really great guy.  We look forward to showing everyone a great time at HWGC!

March 15, 2021

What an awesome Fundamentals of Semiautomatic Pistol Operation class this past Saturday!  We had a nice variety of ages, experience range and backgrounds.  That makes it really fun because we get questions from many different perspectives. 


A few things come up consistently which we try to address in every class.  The biggest question we get consistently is something to the effect of "When do I use a firearm to defend myself or others?"

The answers to this type of question are extremely complicated and fluid, based on the situation and the people involved.  The answer is different for each individual instance, and there is no hard & fast rule.  Doing what needs to be done to stop a threat is the basic rule of thumb.  The actual firing of a weapon may or may not be part of that.  The crucial thing is to begin the mental process of preparing for that eventuality.  Running mental repetitions is key to being able to answer the question for yourself if, God forbid, the situation ever arises.  Work through the process regarding when deadly force is justified from not only a legal perspective, but more importantly, from a moral and ethical perspective.  These types of events will have lifelong consequences for all parties involved.  The pebble in the pond effect means that the consequences do not stop with you.  Your family and friends, the family and friends of other parties involved, first responders, bystanders, witnesses, etc.  Life changing events are called life changing for a reason.

Our goal at AC5 is NOT to create more gun owners or more concealed carry people.  We DO NOT CARE if you decide not to own or carry a gun.  We do want you to understand the rights and responsibilities that go with firearms ownership.  If you do own or carry a weapon, we want you to be prepared, to accept the responsibility, to own and use it in a legal, moral and ethical way.  We want your use to be ethical, safe and effective, no matter what you use it for.  Of course, we want our students to learn and know the constitutional aspect concerning the firearms rights of American citizens.  But we also have the knowledge and understanding that our fellow citizens may or may not actually exercise that right.

Faith Family Freedom Firearms Fitness - AC5

March 1, 2021

When we started AC5, we thought a lot about the mission, values, and overall purpose of having a business like this.  There are many reasons we wanted to start this journey, but the core of everything we want to do ties directly back to the idea of the 5 F's. 


Faith is at the center of who we are as people.  Faith means many things to many people, and we recognize that it is not exclusive to any religious belief.  For us as the founders of AC5, our shared religious faith is a crucial tie that binds us and helps us work together as one team.  Although for the three of us, our religion is the central meaning of faith, for many people it's simply a belief in yourself or your place in the universe.  Whatever faith means to you we believe that having faith in yourself and your abilities is crucial to our journey as human beings and American citizens.


Family is the second F.  Family also includes friends and other loved ones.  It could be considered our "tribe".  These are the people we rely on for day to day support.  In turn, they depend on us and we owe it to ourselves and to those who love and support us to do our best, be our best.  Everyone fails at this!  We fail all the time!  There are countless numbers of examples in every persons daily life where they let someone down, yell at a beloved child, get crabby with a spouse or have a fight with a buddy.  So what happens next?  We can circle back and make amends because we know that those people love us despite our faults.  We make things right again and move forward with an effort to be better in the future!

Freedom.  An important word and an important concept.  We all know what the basic definition of freedom is, but where does freedom come from?  Freedom is granted to us by God and protected by our Constitution.  The government did not grant us freedom or grant us rights, but it has been charged with the safeguarding of those rights and our God-given freedom.  It is crucial that we as citizens both safeguard, exercise, and defend our rights and freedom.  Government will never willingly give up control of a population once established.  All that stands between us and tyranny is being willing and able to defend our rights from anyone who desires to take them away.

Firearms, the fourth F.  The right to own and use firearms is protected in the Bill of Rights.  It is fundamental to our ability to protect ourselves, our families, even innocent strangers.  Firearms are also a fantastic and healthy hobby.  Whether you use them for hunting, sport shooting, or for self defense, the ability to use them safely and effectively should be every shooters goal.  If you're a sport shooter, we want to help you get better, and as a result, have more fun.  If you want to hunt, we want to help you do it well, with ethically placed accurate shots.  We hope and pray none of us ever need to use a firearm in self defense, but if it should ever be necessary, we at AC5 want you to be able to rise to the challenge.

The final F in our guiding principles is Fitness.  At AC5 we believe that fitness is fundamental to life.  We do not mean that everyone needs to run marathons or be a weight-room beast.  What we mean by fitness is the ability to do what is important to you and your "tribe" with relative physical ease, on demand, at any time.  If you're really excited about gardening, do you have the fitness level to do it well, all day, all spring & summer?  If you're a backcountry hiker or hunter, can you do that year round or do you have to spend a month getting ready so you can keep up?  Whatever your fitness level needs to be, there is a baseline level that should be maintained to ensure that you live the best life you possibly can.


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